“Avesta” is modern manufacturing confectionery company, founded in 2001, which produces candy glazed confectioner’s glaze with structures: praline, nut – cream, churned, roasted, jelly, fondant, praline type, nut-fruit, marmalade, Butter cookies biscuits.

All bakery products “Avesta” is based on a natural high-quality raw materials. Constantly introducing new technologies, improved formula. Each year, our specialists create dozens of new products with elegant design, by the taste that provides a high reputation among customers.

Modern trends of production development and near-term vision of expanding the market to create the “Avesta” favorable prerequisites for entry to the European level.Production of the company has certificates of State Standard of Ukraine and meet all sanitary standards.

“Let your thoughts, your speech and your life will always be clean and sweet” – the wisdom of eastern states. That is, not in words but in fact I wish all our customers confectioners’ Avesta.